GLOAT Regular Season Schedule

Series 1 (Games 1-3)

NL Legends: Cardinals at Braves, Cubs at Reds, Dodgers at Pirates, Giants at Phillies.

AL Legends: Indians at Athletics, Orioles at Yankees, Red Sox at White Sox, Tigers at Twins.

NL Myths: Diamondbacks at Brewers, Marlins at Rockies, Mets at Pioneers, Nationals at Padres.

AL Myths: Astros at Angels, Barnstormers at Royals, Blue Jays at Rays, Mariners at Rangers.

Series 2 (Games 4-6)

NL Legends: Cubs at Dodgers, Braves at Pirates, Reds at Phillies, Cardinals at Giants.

AL Legends: Orioles at Red Sox, Athletics at White Sox, Yankees at Twins, Indians at Tigers.

NL Myths: Marlins at Mets, Brewers at Pioneers, Rockies at Padres, Diamondbacks at Nationals.

AL Myths: Barnstormers at Blue Jays, Angels at Rays, Royals at Rangers, Astros at Mariners.

Series 3 (Games 7-9)

NL Legends: Phillies at Cardinals, Pirates at Reds, Dodgers at Braves, Giants at Cubs.

AL Legends: Twins at Indians, White Sox at Yankees, Red Sox at Athletics, Tigers at Orioles.

NL Myths: Padres at Diamondbacks, Pioneers at Rockies, Mets at Brewers, Nationals at Marlins.

AL Myths: Rangers at Astros, Rays at Royals, Blue Jays at Angels, Mariners at Barnstormers.

Series 4 (Games 10-12)

NL Legends: Pirates at Giants, Reds at Dodgers, Cardinals at Cubs, Phillies at Braves.

AL Legends: White Sox at Tigers, Yankees at Red Sox, Indians at Orioles, Twins at Athletics.

NL Myths: Pioneers at Nationals, Rockies at Mets, Diamondbacks at Marlins, Padres at Brewers.

AL Myths: Rays at Mariners, Royals at Blue Jays, Astros at Barnstormers, Rangers at Angels.

Series 5 (Games 13-15)

NL Legends: Braves at Cubs, Dodgers at Cardinals, Giants at Reds, Phillies at Pirates.

AL Legends: Athletics at Orioles, Red Sox at Indians, Tigers at Yankees, Twins at White Sox.

NL Myths: Brewers at Marlins, Mets at Diamondbacks, Nationals at Rockies, Padres at Pioneers.

AL Myths: Angels at Barnstormers, Blue Jays at Astros, Mariners at Royals, Rangers at Rays.

Series 6 (Games 16-18)

NL Legends: Dodgers at Giants, Reds at Braves, Cardinals at Pirates, Cubs at Phillies.

AL Legends: Red Sox at Tigers, Yankees at Athletics, Indians at White Sox, Orioles at Twins.

NL Myths: Mets at Nationals, Rockies at Brewers, Diamondbacks at Pioneers, Marlins at Padres.

AL Myths: Blue Jays at Mariners, Royals at Angels, Astros at Rays, Barnstormers at Rangers.

Series 7 (Games 19-21)

NL Legends: Pirates at Cubs, Reds at Cardinals, Braves at Giants, Phillies at Dodgers.

AL Legends: White Sox at Orioles, Yankees at Indians, Athletics at Tigers, Twins at Red Sox.

NL Myths: Pioneers at Marlins, Rockies at Diamondbacks, Brewers at Nationals, Padres at Mets.

AL Myths: Rays at Barnstormers, Royals at Astros, Angels at Mariners, Rangers at Blue Jays.

The GLOAT Classic (Double Elimination Tournament)

Winner’s Bracket, Games 1-8: Pioneer A vs. Pioneer B, Dead Ball A vs. Dead Ball B, Live Ball A vs. Live Ball C, Live Ball B vs. Integration B, Integration A vs. Integration C, Divisional A vs. Divisional C, Divisional B vs. Wild Card B, Wild Card A vs. Wild Card C.

Loser’s Bracket, Games 9-12: losers of games 1-2, losers of games 3-4, losers of games 5-6, losers of games 7-8.

Winner’s Bracket, Games 13-16: winners of games 1-2, winners of games 3-4, winners of games 5-6, winners of games 7-8.

Loser’s Bracket, Games 17-20: loser of game 16 vs. winner of game 9, loser of game 15 vs. winner of game 10, loser of game 14 vs. winner of game 11, loser of game 13 vs. winner of game 12.

Winner’s Bracket, Games 21-22: winners of games 13-14, winners of games 15-16.

Loser’s Bracket, Games 23-26: winners of games 17-18, winners of games 19-20, loser of game 22 vs. winner of game 23, loser of game 21 vs. winner of game 24.

Winner’s Bracket, Game 27: winners of games 21-22.

Loser’s Bracket, Games 28-29: winners of games 25-26, loser of game 27 vs. winner of game 28.

Championship Game, Game 30: winners of games 27 and 29.

Game 31 (if necessary): repeat game 30 matchup if the loser of that game lost for the first time.

Series 8 (Games 22-24)

NL Legends: Braves at Cardinals, Reds at Cubs, Pirates at Dodgers, Phillies at Giants.

AL Legends: Athletics at Indians, Yankees at Orioles, White Sox at Red Sox, Twins at Tigers.

NL Myths: Brewers at Diamondbacks, Rockies at Marlins, Pioneers at Mets, Padres at Nationals.

AL Myths: Angels at Astros, Royals at Barnstormers, Rays at Blue Jays, Rangers at Mariners.

Series 9 (Games 25-27)

NL Legends: Dodgers at Cubs, Pirates at Braves, Phillies at Reds, Giants at Cardinals.

AL Legends: Red Sox at Orioles, White Sox at Athletics, Twins at Yankees, Tigers at Indians.

NL Myths: Mets at Marlins, Pioneers at Brewers, Padres at Rockies, Nationals at Diamondbacks.

AL Myths: Blue Jays at Barnstormers, Rays at Angels, Rangers at Royals, Mariners at Astros.

Series 10 (Games 28-30)

NL Legends: Cardinals at Phillies, Reds at Pirates, Braves at Dodgers, Cubs at Giants.

AL Legends: Indians at Twins, Yankees at White Sox, Athletics at Red Sox, Orioles at Tigers.

NL Myths: Diamondbacks at Padres, Rockies at Pioneers, Brewers at Mets, Marlins at Nationals.

AL Myths: Astros at Rangers, Royals at Rays, Angels at Blue Jays, Barnstormers at Mariners.

Series 11 (Games 31-33)

NL Legends: Giants at Pirates, Dodgers at Reds, Cubs at Cardinals, Braves at Phillies.

AL Legends: Tigers at White Sox, Red Sox at Yankees, Orioles at Indians, Athletics at Twins.

NL Myths: Nationals at Pioneers, Mets at Rockies, Marlins at Diamondbacks, Brewers at Padres.

AL Myths: Mariners at Rays, Blue Jays at Royals, Barnstormers at Astros, Angels at Rangers.

Series 12 (Games 34-36)

NL Legends: Cubs at Braves, Cardinals at Dodgers, Reds at Giants, Pirates at Phillies.

AL Legends: Orioles at Athletics, Guardians at Red Sox, Yankees at Tigers, White Sox at Twins.

NL Myths: Marlins at Brewers, Diamondbacks at Mets, Rockies at Nationals, Pioneers at Padres.

AL Myths: Barnstormers at Angels, Astros at Blue Jays, Royals at Mariners, Rays at Rangers.

Series 13 (Games 37-39)

NL Legends: Giants at Dodgers, Braves at Reds, Pirates at Cardinals, Phillies at Cubs.

AL Legends: Tigers at Red Sox, Athletics at Yankees, White Sox at Guardians, Twins at Orioles.

NL Myths: Nationals at Mets, Brewers at Rockies, Pioneers at Diamondbacks, Padres at Marlins.

AL Myths: Mariners at Blue Jays, Angels at Royals, Rays at Astros, Rangers at Barnstormers.

Series 14 (Games 40-42)

NL Legends: Cubs at Pirates, Cardinals at Reds, Giants at Braves, Dodgers at Phillies.

AL Legends: Orioles at White Sox, Guardians at Yankees, Tigers at Athletics, Red Sox at Twins.

NL Myths: Marlins at Pioneers, Diamondbacks at Rockies, Nationals at Brewers, Mets at Padres.

AL Myths: Barnstormers at Rays, Astros at Royals, Mariners at Angels, Blue Jays at Rangers.