Padres Roster

All players on this roster have accumulated more WAR for the Padres than any other major league team. Players are listed alphabetically, followed by their Strat-o-Matic card being used and their position eligibility.

Players without the *** designation are listed in Baseball Reference’s top 1000 in career WAR.

Players with the *** designation are not listed in the top 1000, but are “invitees” to round out the team to fulfill these minimum requirements: 30 players — 18 position players (with at least 2 players rated at each position) and 12 pitchers (at least 7 must have a reliever rating).

Position Players (18)

Ken Caminiti (1996, 3B), Nate Colbert*** (1972, 1B), Chris Denorfia*** (2013, RF/CF/LF), Tim Flannery*** (1985, 2B/3B), Adrian Gonzalez (BH, 1B), Tony Gwynn (HOF, RF/CF), Chase Headley*** (2012, 3B/1B), Terry Kennedy*** (1982, C/1B), Ryan Klesko*** (2001, 1B), Mark Loretta*** (2004, 2B), Wil Myers*** (2016, 1B/RF/LF/3B), Phil Nevin*** (2001, 3B), Gene Richards*** (1980, LF/CF/RF), Bip Roberts*** (1990, LF/3B/SS/2B), Benito Santiago (1987, C), Fernando Tatis*** (2021, SS/RF/CF), Will Venable*** (2013, RF/CF), Dave Winfield (HOF, RF/LF/CF).

Pitchers (12)

Andy Ashby*** (1995, SP), Heath Bell*** (2007, RP), Andy Benes (1993, SP), Dave Dravecky*** (1985, SP/RP), Joey Hamilton*** (1995, SP), Greg Harris*** (1989, SP/RP), Trevor Hoffman (HOF, RP), Randy Jones*** (1975, SP/RP), Jake Peavy (BH, SP), Dave Roberts*** (1971, SP/RP), Eric Show*** (1986, SP/RP), Ed Whitson*** (1990, SP).


03/28/19   Added Heath Bell (2007, RP), dropped Brian Lawrence (2002, SP/RP).

04/01/21  Added Wil Myers (2016, 1B/RF/LF/3B), dropped Carmelo Martinez (1984, LF/1B).

03/31/22  Added Fernando Tatis (2021, SS/RF/CF), dropped Khalil Greene (2007, SS).