White Sox Roster

All players on this roster are listed in Baseball Reference’s top 1000 in career WAR and have accumulated more WAR for the White Sox than any other major league team.  Players are listed alphabetically, followed by their Strat-o-Matic card being used and their position eligibility.

Position Players (19)

Jose Abreu (2014, 1B), Luis Aparicio (HOF, SS), Luke Appling (HOF, SS), Harold Baines (HOF, RF/CF), Eddie Collins (HOF, 2B), Ray Durham (BH, 2B), Nellie Fox (HOF, 2B), Lance Johnson (1993, CF), Fielder Jones (1905, CF/RF/LF), Willie Kamm (1926, 3B), Paul Konerko (2010, 1B), Carlos Lee (2004, LF), Sherm Lollar (BH, C), Minnie Minoso (HOF, LF/3B/RF/CF/1B), Magglio Ordonez (BH, RF), Ray Schalk (HOF, C), Frank Thomas (HOF, 1B), Jose Valentin (2000, SS/RF), Robin Ventura (BH, 3B/1B).

Pitchers (16)

Mark Buehrle (BH, SP), Eddie Cicotte (1917, SP/RP), Red Faber (HOF, SP/RP), Alex Fernandez (1996, SP), Tommy John (BH, SP), Thornton Lee (1941, SP), Ted Lyons (HOF, SP/RP), Jack McDowell (1992, SP), Gary Peters (1963, SP/RP), Billy Pierce (BH, SP/RP), Reb Russell (1913, SP/RP), Chris Sale (2013, SP), Ed Walsh (HOF, SP/RP), Doc White (1906, SP/RP), Hoyt Wilhelm (HOF, SP/RP), Wilbur Wood (BH, SP/RP).


03/31/22  Added Jose Abreu (2014, 1B).