Pirates Roster

All players on this roster are listed in Baseball Reference’s top 1000 in career WAR and have accumulated more WAR for the Pirates than any other major league team.  Players are listed alphabetically, followed by their Strat-o-Matic card being used and their position eligibility.

Position Players (33)

Ginger Beaumont (1902, CF/RF/LF), Jake Beckley (HOF, 1B), Jay Bell (BH, SS/2B), Bobby Bonilla (1988, 3B), Smoky Burgess (1960, C), Max Carey (HOF, CF/LF/RF), Fred Clarke (HOF, LF), Roberto Clemente (HOF, RF), Elbie Fletcher (1941, 1B), Phil Garner (1979, 2B/3B/SS), Brian Giles (BH, LF/RF/CF), George Grantham (1930, 2B/1B), Dick Groat (1960, SS), Richie Hebner (1972, 3B), Jason Kendall (BH, C), Ralph Kiner (HOF, LF/1B), Tommy Leach (1902, 3B), Bill Madlock (BH, 3B/1B/2B), Starling Marte (2013, LF/CF), Bill Mazeroski (HOF, 2B), Andrew McCutchen (2013, CF), Al Oliver (BH, CF/1B/LF), Dave Parker (BH, RF), Claude Ritchey (1906, 2B), Manny Sanguillen (BH, C/RF), Mike Smith (1896, LF), Willie Stargell (HOF, LF/1B), Pie Traynor (HOF, 3B), Andy Van Slyke (BH, CF/RF/1B), Arky Vaughan (HOF, SS), Honus Wagner (HOF, SS/RF/3B), Lloyd Waner (HOF, CF/LF), Paul Waner (HOF, RF/1B).

Pitchers (16)

Babe Adams (BH, SP/RP), John Candelaria (BH, SP/RP), Wilbur Cooper (BH, SP/RP), Murry Dickson (1950, SP/RP), Doug Drabek (1992, SP), Bob Friend (BH, SP/RP), Pink Hawley (1895, SP/RP), Claude Hendrix (1912, SP/RP), Frank Killen (1896, SP/RP), Vern Law (1959, SP/RP), Sam Leever (1903, SP/RP), Lee Meadows (1927, SP/RP), Ed Morris (1885, SP), Deacon Phillippe (1901, SP/RP), Rick Rhoden (1986, SP), Jesse Tannehill (1899, SP/RP).


03/26/20  Added Claude Hendrix (1912, SP/RP) and Starling Marte (2015, LF/CF).

04/01/21  Added Lloyd Waner (HOF, CF/LF), dropped Rip Sewell (1944, SP/RP).